Global Missions Training Center (GMTC) is A Division of Bethel's Global Reach.

Global Missions Training Center

Ephesians 4:12 - "for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ."

Because of many difficulties missionaries faced in the past, it was agreed that there needed to be a time of training and preparation before going out in ministry to other cultures—GMTC was initiated.

Recognizing Jesus' Great Commission is eminent, and there are still five-billion people who need to be reached around the world, GMTC is launching a new program called Discovery.

The Discovery Experience is a 1-3 month missions experience helping an established missionary on the field. Discovery trips are designed to utilize your skills to fill specific needs identified by our missionaries.

Y.A.D Young Adult Discovery

Y.A.D. is a new program of GMTC focused on getting our students to the foreign field. It is an intensive, three month apprenticeship program intended to produce long-term missionaries who will train the local indigenous population and replicate through discipleship what you have learned.

GMTC's Discovery Now program will prepare you to:

  1. Work effectively as a team
  2. Utilize each other's strengths and gifting in ministry
  3. Build discipleship relationships with un-evangelized peoples
  4. Raise up lasting, reproducing discipleship communities of new believers
  5. Reproduce your ministry and calling in the lives of foreign nationals
  6. Train new discipleship communities to reproduce the ministry of Jesus in their own culture
  7. Effectively build relationships for spiritual, emotional, and financial support with churches and supporters to partner with you
  8. Equip you to share and impart the vision God has placed in your life with others so that they can fulfill God's call upon their lives

P.A.L.S. Pastors and Leader Serving Training

P.A.L.S. is a Special division of GMTC where we specifically train Pastors and leaders for serving on the foreign missions field. We implement a unique techniques and programs and customized mission trips for every church congregation. By the senior Pastor and or leaders gaining valuable personal experience of missions, they are in turn able to go back and ignite the TRUE fire for missions programs in the local congregations.