Help Us Help Others

We are committed to helping provide for the physical and spiritual needs of people locally and throughout the world and by so doing, enhance the quality of life. If you would like to donate to help us in our missions, please select the state/country you would like to donate to, and click the Donate button to the right.

How We're Helping


With a Team of Medical Doctors, Nurses and General practitioners as well members of Clergy will be providing for the basic needs of the people of Kenya, Africa.


With the devastation of the 2010 earthquake still impacting the region, We will journeying with a team Medical, Dental and also Clergy to help in regions of Jacmel, Haiti.


Makeover Weekend is a Small Team of Women who will journey to New York, New York to serve at a homeless shelter as well as a Women's abuse center.


With a team of young adults and youth we will travel to southern parts of Texas to McAllen, where poverty is at a all time high. we will help with infrastructure of homes, while meeting the basic needs of the community.


We will be teaming up with our partners in Angola to Minster the Gospel of Christ to indigenous people groups in rural areas.


On this trip of exploration and discovery, we will journey to the Holy Land to experience its rich culture.


On this amazing trip you will experience the absolute joy of a child's smile, the excitement of proclaiming the gospel and the fulfillment of life change.

Costa Rica

The beauty of Costa Rica will captivate and inspire you as you serve here on your mission trip this year. While partnering with local pastors and churches, your mission trip team will be able to make a difference in the lives of those they serve and experience a life change themselves. We have developed genuine partnerships with leaders in Costa Rica who are praying for groups like yours to come serve alongside them in their communities.

Dominican Republic

Your Dominican Republic mission trip can be as unique as the individuals on your missions team. We will work closely with you and with our partners to determine what community and ministries are the best for everyone involved. With the Praying Pelican Missions staff assisting you as you plan your mission trip to the Dominican Republic, you can rest assured that all the logistics will be taken care of and each ministry will be ready for you and your group.

Uganda, Africa

The land of the Mountain Gorillas...Uganda shares it's Eastern border with Kenya and it's Western frontier is the Democratic Republic of Congo. Uganda has faced many tragedies since it's independence but now has one of the fasting growing economies on the continent, and is a welcoming haven for travelers who wish to explore her tropical jungles and unique ecosystems. Of the 2 million known orphans in Uganda in 2003, an estimated 940,000 were orphaned due to AIDS. Visiting Orphans partners with a number of ministries in Uganda that care for orphans as well as ministries that care for communities and help support ministries that focus on keeping families together.

Ethiopia, Africa

The third most populous country in Africa, Ethiopia is among the world's oldest Christian nations, and the only African state that was never colonized. Divided by the great Rift Valley, this land, which is twice the size of Texas, has an orphan crisis. UNICEF estimates that one in ten Ethiopian children, about 4.6 million, are orphans. As part of this trip, you will have the chance to minister to some of these children in a very humble and powerful way by simply going to the orphanages where they live and offering a helping hand. Visiting Orphans works in orphanages, as well as with community based ministries that help provide education, medical care and nutrition for children who are able to be cared for by a single parent or relative.

Nigeria, Africa

Nigeria is a diverse country with a 140 million people and over 400 different ethnic languages. It is often called the 'giant of Africa', because one in every seven Africans is from Nigeria. It is a land rich in natural resources with tremendous potential, and currently has one of the world's highest economic growth rates.


Our teams serves in several capacities. Leadership development, Pastoral conferences, Sports camps, infrastructure missions as well and community development.


Bethels Global Reach continual support of of our brothers in sister in Mexico has been tremendous. With ongoing needs due to poverty and crime, we are helping our partners in several regions through the country stabilize spiritually, economically as well as physically. With the most recent devastations of earthquakes the need is all the more important.


With our Partners Set free Alliance we are working along side dedicated leaders on the ground who are making a real difference in the lives of orphans and rescuing children out of the horrendous life of human trafficking.